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Q: What do you wish authors would do before sending a manuscript?
A: "Have it professionally edited. If a manuscript is poorly written or the cover letter is awful, it goes right on the rejection pile." -- Publisher Cathy Teets, Headline Books

"A carefully kept secret in the book business is that even the best authors need editing. In fact, the good ones insist on help..." -- Curt Matthews, founder and CEO of Chicago Review Press, Inc.

NY Times critic Michiko Kakutani on "Last Night in Twisted River" by John Irving: "...a story that with some diligent editing might have ranked right up there with 'The World According to Garp' (1978) and 'A Widow for One Year' (1998) as one of Mr. Irving's more powerful works."

"Hire a freelance editor.... Writing is a collaborative process and a trusted freelance editor can whip your manuscript into shape." --agent Taryn Fagerness

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"If you have a particular piece of writing you are working on, be it a novel, memoir or nonfiction book, or magazine article, or book proposal - I strongly recommend paying for professional editorial services to make it as good as it can be. This is true even if your book is going to be delivered to a publishing editor." --Po Bronson, co-author of best-selling NurtureShock

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The right word v. the almost right word: the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. -- Mark Twain

Let a former Macmillan and Houghton Mifflin executive editor back you up.

"I'm indebted to ...Anita McClellan ... for...incisive editorial contributions."
-- Gay Courter, best-selling novelist

Nonfiction and fiction book awards received by authors we have worked with include

National Book Award

Book of the Month Club

New York Times Book Review Recommended Reading List

American Bar Association Certificate of Merit

American Psychological Association Distinguished Contribution

The Christophers Award

Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Educator’s Award

Pfizer Award (best science book in 3 years)

Triennial Book Award of the Order of the Coif