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The Process

"A series of instincts, thousands of tiny adjustments, hundreds of drafts … What is the mysterious process writers go through to get an idea on to the page?"

JK Rowling planning page

"Good writing has two characteristics: It's alive on the page and the reader is persuaded that the writer is on a voyage of discovery." -- Vivian Gornick

" the label [of memoir or of fiction] is meaningless. The standards of literature are all that matter. It is intense, lyrical, moving and ultimately enlightening." --Stephen Elliot

Visit Services page about coaching once, weekly, monthly, on demand to gain
• insights into your writing process and work in progress
• collaboration with a publishing-industry insider
• accountability on your writing goals and deadlines
• focus on your writing with inspiration, challenge, viable next steps

Q.: "What do you look for in authors beyond the quality of their manuscripts?"

A.: "Isn't that enough?" --J. Galassi, publisher, Farrar, Straus & Giroux

I am creative, insightful, a quick study, deadline driven, and market savvy.
• I shorten your priority list by delivering what you need on time and on budget.
• I ask the right questions at the outset to grasp it the first time.
• I absorb your materials and do any required research to produce it.
• I am a nimble thinker who can shift gears easily based on your needs.
• I focus on what your audience needs to hear.
• I craft a product that meets your expectations and that pleases you.

All projects are guaranteed and held in strict confidentiality.

• I require prepaid deposit from all new clients. Project fees include research, thinking time, hands-on time; expenses include formatting electronic documents as required, courier, printouts, copies, postage, toll calls, on-site work, travel, lodging. Jobs assigned within 48 hours or less from deadline incur rush fee at least 30% of total project cost, including jobs assigned Thursday or Friday for delivery Monday or Tuesday.
• If job is reconfigured after I start work, written project agreement and fee will be renegotiated.
• If job is cancelled mid-project, I am entitled to full payment at prevailing rate for all time spent up to my receipt of notice of cancellation. On a prepaid or discounted fee, hours will be prorated at full prevailing rate and any refund will be issued promptly.
• If project is killed any time following completion of my work, I am entitled to full payment of my project fee.
• Hereby be notified and advised that acceptance of any check in partial payment marked "final" or with any restrictive endorsement is merely deposited as a partial payment on account; such acceptance does not constitute an accord and satisfaction or our waiver of the right to balance in full for any account due and owing.
• All writing assignments include two rounds of minor revisions; additional revisions charged at prevailing hourly rate.
• Final balance in hand on delivery of completed project.

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